Controcorrente Orchestra

Chamber Classical Orchestra on period instruments

Orchestra Controcorrente is a classical orchestra on period instruments: a new musical reality, an original project born out of the meeting of excellent young musicians and friends who share mutual respect and years of intense professional activity playing on period instruments with the most prestigious ensembles specialised in early music. They are motivated by a lively spirit of enquiry, a visionary and creative approach and the desire to build a musical dream, a new way of making music. 20 musicians from six different countries (Italy, Russia, Mexico, England, Germany and Switzerland) join to form a classical orchestra without conductor, which is completely independent and self-governing regarding repertoire choices and musical collaborations and is based on the work of every single musician, who acts not only as a player but as an important contributor in every step of the musical project.T he path which Controcorrente has undertaken is inspired by an “ancient vision”, as a vivid wish to make each musician fully responsible for their role within the ensemble in order to stimulate the individuality of each one and to make interpretative research a creative moment to be shared among each other. The ideal challenge as members of Controcorrente is to aim for the figure of the “complete musician”, which the ancient world was so fond of.

The Orchestra debut recording will happen in 2020 for the great label Passacaille. The recording titled “Bach Sons”, is the first project that marked the Controcorrente journey as an orchestra. The repertoire for this CD represents a crucial starting point, both stylistically and musically, for an orchestra that evolves out of the baroque world in order to address classical repertoire conscientiously: it represents a journey through the birth and the evolution of the symphony in Germany between 1745 and 1770, during the «Sturm und Drang» era.

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